The only baby blanket to make parenting easier

Hassle free travel

It's so safe and easy to move your baby between car seat, pram and crib; you won't even wake them!

Total head support

Designed with care, so your baby's head, neck and body are safely supported

Easy lift and lay

Move your baby safely and easily without straining your back or tummy muscles

Value for money

Also use as a play mat, discreet breastfeeding cover and pram & car seat liner

Get more rest

When baby snoozes in the Snugglebundl YOU get more “YOU” time!
Benefits you ONLY get with a Snugglebundl
With the snugglebundl hammock design you get secure head support for your baby when lifting and laying. This gives more precious sleep for your baby’s development and more rest for you! Great for those late nights when you need to settle your baby.  Gentle rocking in the Snugglebundl relieves them from the pain of colic. Moving a baby gently with the handles helps with reflux. It’s the only product that allows you to remove a baby from a car seat without waking so it reduces all risks of over using car seats from hypoxia to flat head syndrome. Reduced stooping also helps with pregnancy back pain and recovery from any post birth symptoms.


Ensure your baby stays sleeping whenever & wherever you move them


Safely rock & soothe your baby gently to sleep


Effortlessly lift & move your baby even after a C-section or with a bad back


When you are out and about you can use the snugglebundl should you require to breastfeed discreetly

Some of the many awards we've won.... so far!

How safe is a Snugglebundl?

The Snugglebundl baby blanket is completely safe for your baby. Watch this 2 minute video as Heidi, a qualified nursery nurse for 25yrs, explains:



How it complies with safety regulations


Why the handles are very safely constructed


How much weight it can carry

I absolutely love it. Thank you Snugglebundl!
- Amanda Holden - TV personality
It’s not often a new product comes along that I feel the urge to tell everyone about but when I found Snugglebundl, I instantly knew I would be recommending it to all my clients.
- Tina Sothwood – Baby Sleep Consultant
I’m sat here loving this product, it’s brilliant
- Kelly Hoppen- Dragons Den
I can move my son around from car seat to cot effortlessly. He doesn't sleep well at the best of times, so this really helps.
- Mandy - New Mum
The Snugglebundl is one of the few products which we do absolutely recommend. The baby-lifting blanket is an incredibly simple yet brilliant idea.
- Louise & Wendy - Teddington Midwives Asc.
The Snugglebundl baby blanket is like having an extra pair of hands!
- Lorraine Warwick- Mum
Great help for all my post-partum mum's - helps prevent both pelvic and back strains. Excellent baby safe innovation.
- Margery Taylor- Osteopath
The Snugglebundl baby blanket with handles

As a parent, moving your baby from one place to another is a part of your daily routine. Often, this can be simply lifting them up for a cuddle, laying them down to sleep or moving them from the pram to the car seat. However, as most parents know, its actually being able to move your baby without waking them that is the real bonus!

By using the Snugglebundl baby blanket with it's soft, strong handles you can safely lift and move your baby at anytime without disturbing their precious sleep, therefore giving you more time to get on with your day.

It's easy to use, won't strain your back or tummy muscles and perfectly supports your baby's head and body at all times.

Did we mention it's soft and snuggly too? What's not to love?

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