Over the last three years we have been trying to tell the world about our simple but really useful idea of a wrap for your baby that has two cleverly designed handles to let you lift your baby as they sleep. When we attend the big consumer baby fairs around the country we are still faced with many bemused parents-to=be asking this question. We have come to realise that for first time parents it is really difficult because all you have to go on is what you read and what your friends and relatives tell you about having a baby. Whereas the instant we show the Snugglebundl to experienced parents they immediately see why it would be so useful.
We were asked recently what are the main features of the Snugglebundl, and the answer is easy. Speaking from my own experiences as a parent there were two things I found difficult. Firstly I found it hard to lay my daughter down without waking her and secondly I always carried her out the car in her car seat rather than risk waking her. So this is why the Snugglebundl is so brilliant. No difficulty in lifting them out your arms to lay them down and no difficulty lifting them in and out of a car seat without waking them. The fact that it has the extra features of working as a breastfeeding cover or as a snuggly wrap that ties is almost secondary to just being able to move them as they sleep.
The clever design of the Snugglebundl means that as you lift the material immediately starts to gather, supporting your baby’s head, neck and body perfectly. So you can easily transfer them from one place to another without waking them. This also allows you to lift without having to bend as much which for Mum’s can be a real benefit in their recovery time from the labour. Even after c section.
The real testimony for us is the amount of people that buy one on recommendation or because they’ve seen them in action. We have been told of so many people getting one and being very sceptical as to whether they’d need it only to find it becoming their favourite baby product.
So why do you need one? Easy! You get to rest more, bend less and save tons of time because they are so easy to use for everything throughout the day. Anything that makes life a little simpler is always a winner. As always don’t listen to us. Nip over to our Facebook page or Twitter and have a read what real parents say.”