The secret to the Snugglebundl’s success lies in the soft strong handles. The Snugglebundl is a lovely soft cotton wrap that ties at the front to keep your baby nice and cosy and its lightweight design allows for it to fit into all car seats, prams, pushchairs and even supermarket trolley seats and be secured in the same way. But it is the handles that set the Snugglebundl apart from any other type of baby wrap or shawl.
One of the hardest things when looking after your new baby is being able to move them about easily without waking them and this is where the Snugglebundl comes into its own. The handles have been safety tested to hold over 30kgs which is about the equivalent to a five year old child so it is incredibly strong. It is ideally suited to be used from birth to around eighteen months of age. We always recommend that you put the Snugglebundl in your hospital bag so that it will help you lift your baby safely after the birth without you having to bend or stoop. This can be so helpful as often you will be sore after the birth and being able to lift your baby into your arms without having to bend can be a real godsend.
The handles just give you the peace of mind that you can easily lift them as they sleep and move them to wherever you want and lay them back down again without them waking up. This can can you more time during the day to rest or get other things done.
We are often asked how it works and the answer is simple. As you lift the Snugglebundl the weight of your baby is distributed throughout the wrap so that every part of your baby is completely supported from head to toes. As your baby grows the Snugglebundl will continue to support them in the same way. We have already won a great many awards for our simple but effective solution to lifting your sleeping babies and as more and more parents discover it we are continuing to grow. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the Snugglebundl.