Snugglebundl have been demonstrating at all the major Baby Shows over the last two and a half years and despite being very long days on your feet we always have a great time.
It is a really good opportunity for us to talk directly to new parents and gauge their reactions to our unique lifting baby wrap. What is so nice for us now after all this time is that we are getting so many people coming back to us who bought a Snugglebundl at a previous show and now come over and tell us how invaluable they found it. This is always extra pleasing when you have a group of people deliberating as to whether they will get enough use from it and up pops a very enthusiastic Mum singing its praises. In fact we now find that many parents buy two because they can’t bear it when the Snugglebundl is in the wash and they are without it! This has lead us to realise that one of the hardest things about telling the world about how amazingly useful a Snugglebundl is that it’s one of those baby products that you don’t realise how much you’ll use it until you use it, and then you wonder how you’d ever do without it!
This point was duly noted when recently two friends of mine had babies and naturally they got a Snugglebundl as a gift. Despite knowing all about our business and the journey of bringing the Snugglebundl to the world it turned out that they were a little sceptical as to whether they would use it. As it transpired in both cases when visiting them and the new babies I was received as a bit of a hero for giving them what was now their most used and cherished baby product. In particular that first few weeks after baby is born they found that they relied on the Snugglebundl to help with the lifting because they were sore from the birth and found it comforting to know that they didn’t have to worry about straining to bend with their babies. After that it is the day to day moving and going out that makes the Snugglebundl so great I’m reliably informed, as being able to move the baby without waking is such a huge help. It is so nice to know that the Snugglebundl is a product that helps parents. We are so delighted that many parents then buy them for friends because they secretly know that they are giving such a amazingly useful gift.
The baby shows are an excellent place to come and see all the different baby products on the market and decide what you do and don’t need. Most of the stands give a special show discount too so you can pick up some bargains at the same time. This year’s Baby Show at the Excel Centre in London was so much fun and we would like to thank all the people that came and gave their support and endorsement for the Snugglebundl. Below are just a few of the extra special guests that came along to try a Snugglebundl for themselves.