So many parents are fascinated with our claims that the Snugglebundl will help you with your baby’s sleep. In fact the Snugglebundl was designed to lift a baby so gently that they don’t even know they’ve been lifted. It is like being smoothly scooped up in a soft cosy hammock which is why it can be such a fantastic help for your day to day parenting of your new baby.
Newborn babies will sleep for up to 18 hours a day in their first few weeks but will generally only sleep for a few hours at any time so it is wise to expect some

sleepless nights in the beginning. The good news is that this short sleep phase won’t last long although it may well feel like it at the time.Babies sleep patterns are much shorter than ours and your baby will spend more time in REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) which is lighter and

more easily disturbed, but necessary for your baby’s brain to manage all the changes that are happening.
After a couple of months your baby will adapt to sleeping longer at night and for shorter lengths in the day. Of course they’ll still have you up for a feed in the night but they will sleep deeper than before.This really is one of the reasons the Snugglebundl wrap is so useful for helping to manage your baby when they are sleeping. So many parents recognise the problem of having their baby fall asleep on them, or in their arms, but then as soon as they try to lay them down on a soft surface and move out their arm from under the h
ead then baby immediately senses the separation and starts to stir or wake.The advantage of them falling asleep in a Snugglebundl in your arms is that it is then so easy to simp
ly take hold of the soft strong handles and move your arm away from under them. As you do this they will
stay in exactly the same position, and so cosily ensconced in the soft folds of the wrap. From there you can gently lay them down with either one or two hands on to a nice soft surface.We have had so much success with parents who are startled by how easy it is to transfer their baby without waking them and why so many parents who have already got children immediately recognise the value in being able to lift them sleeping out of their arms. As one grateful Mum said to us recently ‘The Snugglebundl is priceless!’
Naturally to establish good sleep habits there are lots of things that you can do as well to help set regular sleep patterns with your baby. In the day play with your baby as much as possible, keep the house bright and light to signify day to them, let them hear the sounds around the house and sing and talk to your baby as they feed, even gently wake them if they nod off a little. Make the daytime about being awake!
As night draws in mark bedtime with the change into their night suit, keep the lights low and don’t stimulate them with too much talk and stay quieter when you feed them. This all starts to help them understand that night is about sleep.
We were delighted to meet the Uk’s leading baby sleep expert Jo Tantum, when we were just starting and she immediately fell in love with the Snugglebundl idea and has been a great supporter of our idea ever since. We like to listen to what
parents say and they are unanimous in the fact that the Snugglebundl wrap does make helping manage baby’s sleep so much easier.