We are always talking about the many uses of the Snugglebundl baby wrap with handles and how easy it can make life with your baby. The main thing being that it is so easy to lift, lay and move your baby as they sleep. What we hadn’t fully appreciated until recently was how effective this idea can be if you are a disabled parent. The Snugglebundl allows you to lift your baby with just one hand so that means that you can easily move your baby when you are in a wheelchair or have difficulty with picking up your baby. We have been really moved by the letters that we have received explaining how the Snugglebundl has helped parents with disabilities so much that it has prompted us to contact many disabled organisations to help spread the word. When we developed the idea of our lifting wrap we never conceived the many other different uses that may come from it. We are really pleased and proud that the Snugglebundl can help parents with disabilities in a way that no other product can. We are always keen to hear from more disabled parents that have discovered the Snugglebundl for themselves and how it helped.