With the Snugglebundl you get many products in one item. The chart below shows you what it replaces and the range of costs for those products.

ITEMS REPLACEDLower PriceNormal price
Baby Blanket/play mat£10£35
Breastfeeding cover£12£40
Car seat blanket£20£50
Savings with a Snugglebundl (£34.99)Save
Lower PriceNormal price
Baby Blanket/play mat
Breastfeeding cover
Car seat blanket
Savings with a Snugglebundl


  • Being able to ensure your baby to gets that precious sleep it needs for its development
  • Being able to lift and lay them in a car seat asleep and not worry about car seat health issues
  • Being able to lift your baby and not hurt your back

  • Being able to sooth your baby with colic by rocking them and settling them back to sleep

  • Being able to support your baby’s head fully supported without worrying about their fragile neck. Passing your baby confidently

  • Recovering after any post birth symptoms , even after C-section

  • Being able to get more done, more rest and less stress due to not waking baby getting daily tasks done

The uniqueness of the Snugglebundl comes with so many health benefits that it is the only product recommended by so many different health experts such as Doctors, Midwives, health visitors, Chiropractors, Car seat experts and Sleep experts.

And it has been fully tested to EU product safety standards as well as crash tested to EU and USA standards.

However, the Snugglebundl is not just a product replacement. It does so much more and actually makes life a lot easier on a minute by minute basis. Indeed the only time you’ll complain about it is when it can’t be used such as when it’s being washed!

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