We were delighted that earlier in 2014 we were awarded not one but two awards from the top parenting website Mumii.co.uk. We recieved the Gold award for Most Innvative product for parents and also the Consumer choice award. So when we were told that their assistant editor was expecting we were happy to send a Snugglebundl along for her to try out for herself. You can see the review on the Mumii website https://www.mumii.co.uk/content/view/review/Snugglebundl_-_Tried_and_Tested

Snugglebundl Baby Lifting Wrap Review by Kelly – Assistant Editor
The Snugglebundl is a simply designed piece of material with a handle at each side, making it easy to pick your little one up and move them without disturbing them.
Having just had my second emergency C-section, I could see straight away how useful this wrap would be. Following the birth of my little girl, I was in a lot of pain and really struggled to bend over the hospital cot and then Moses basket to pick her up or lay her down.
The Snugglebundl is used by placing the baby in it and lifting with the two handles, meaning you don’t need to bend right down each time. As the material is shaped, baby is secure in the middle of the wrap and there is no worry of them falling out easily.
It also features a removable padded head support to keep them comfy and in the correct position – this is just poppered in to place so can be taken out if you are using it in a car seat that already has head support or as they get bigger.
The handles are also padded, with the material gathered and are tested up to 66lbs – so you can use the wrap comfortably up to about 6 months from birth.
The Snugglebundl is available in either Funky Spots or Barley Cream, both great unisex designs. We had the Funky Spots to test and I love the bright colours. It is made from 100% cotton, with the lining being brushed cotton, so lovely and soft against baby.
I have used the wrap to move my baby from her car seat to carry cot, lift her out of her Moses basket and to just put her down for a nap. As it is of a generous size, it can then be wrapped around your little one to keep them nice and snuggly – ideal for new-borns who get startled when first laid down. It then has a little tie to keep it secure. We use to call it ‘the transfer’ when my little boy was a baby, as he was notoriously bad for falling asleep on our bed, or in our arms. As soon as you tried to move him or put him in his crib, he would wake and you had to do the whole process again. I think that should we have had a Snugglebundl then, ‘the transfer’ wouldn’t have been so dreaded!
When using in a car seat or pushchair with a harness, the Snugglebundl can be folded over the child and the straps. This keeps them nice and warm, so you don’t have to worry about lots of layers underneath.
As with many baby items, a certain amount of common sense is required when using the Snugglebundl. It isn’t designed for carrying your baby around in a handbag like fashion, but for easily moving them from one place to another to keep them feeling secure, and most importantly, asleep. With the wrap around them, it is easier to move them without disturbing them and I really think that it’s a fab item for mothers that have had c-sections. Having to get your baby out of the hospital cot each time for feeding and changing can be very difficult and this simple wrap makes it easier, allowing you to stay straight and avoid any bending. When at home, you can continue using for those all-important ‘transfers’!”