So many people have got lost it seems in trying to find us! It turns out that it is partly because of our spelling! When we started the company we decided to call ourselves Snugglebundl without the E” on the end as the product was called the Bundl, because if you Google the word Bundle you get millions of hits. Then evreryone started calling our Bundl’s Snugglebundl’s and we thought lets just call the copmpany and the product the same thing and that’s why both are now called Snugglebundl!
The thing is these days that there is so many things competing to get up the top of Google pages that often if people miss-spell things that get something completely different! I realised this the other day when I searched for a Snugglebundle using the “E” at the end and realised that you don’t get straight to us. Equally lots of people think that it’s two different words and call us Snuggle Bundl or Snuggle Bundle. It’s all a bit confuising really.
Anyway we hope that whatever you search for to find us that it has brought you to the right place and you get to see our fantastic Snugglebundl baby wraps that are causing a sensation with parents.