Bringing the Snugglebundl to the market has been a long process. When we first launched back in 2011 the hardest part was trying to explain to people that this wasn’t just a wrap for helping you lift after you’d had a c section or for those with back issues. The fact is that the Snugglebundl is of course excellent for that but its primary role with looking after your baby is all about sleep.
The Snugglebundl is first and foremost a really lovely cotton wrap for your baby. You can use it everywhere and it will fit securely into anything. After all, when you have a new baby they do sleep a lot. So that is why the ties are on the side so that you can fold the material snuggly over the baby and secure it so they don’t kick it open. Having those soft strong handles on the side are there particularly when you really need them. In the case of your precious new baby it is when they are asleep and you wish to move them. As you lift the handles the Snugglebundl supports every part of your baby so gently that they will not even realise they are being lifted, hence the term ‘baby lifting wrap’.
Being able to lift, lay or transfer your baby from one place to another without waking has been the reason that Snugglebundl has gained such an impressive reputation amongst parents and won so many awards. So many Mums and Dads are still lifting the car seat out the car with their baby as they are afraid to wake them. So much easier if they are on a Snugglebundl as that is all you need to lift them out as they sleep.
It is funny after all this time that some people still think that it is just a baby product just for birth recovery or protecting bad backs. It is true that it will help protect your posture as you lift and very true that if you are recovering after c section then this is a must have product for you. But regardless of your abilities after the birth the Snugglebundl will help you manage the early months with your baby so much easier.
Word is gradually changing though as more and more new parents realise that the Snugglebundl is really about ease. It is like having an extra pair of hands to help you. Being able to move that sleeping baby gives you more time to rest and relax yourself or just get some of those jobs done that need doing. The fact that by lifting your baby in the wrap helps you to lift without bending or stooping is almost secondary to its main purpose of keeping your baby cosy and warm in a lovely soft wrap.