It’s the classic problem. You’ve just fed your baby and they’ve fallen asleep in your arms and now you want to lay them down. Some babies are great and they will go down without stirring but most immediately sense that they are being put down and despite the fact that they are asleep their little eyes ping open and you find yourself back where you started.
The Snugglebundl is designed as a lovely soft cosy baby wrap that you can use throughout the day to help with the problem of moving your baby without waking them. Two soft strong handles on the wrap allow you to lift your baby fully supported enabling you lift or lay your baby without them knowing they arre being moved from your arms, from car seats, from prams, into cribs and cots or even supermarket trolley seats. In fact you can use the Snugglebundl anywhere.
Lifting and laying your baby using the handles also means that you bend less, so it protects your posture at the same time which can be a real help for new mums in the weeks following the birth.
The Snugglebundl has a cleverly designed and patent pending support that gathers the wrap as you lift. There is a small lightly padded hooded area for the baby’s head to rest that provides additional comfort and support too. By folding the sides over the baby you can then secure them in a snuggly wrap by using the ties at the side.
the Snugglebundl has already won us lots of awards for its unique function and has been aptly named the worlds first baby lifting wrap.
So many parents that we speak to have or have had the same problem of moving their sleeping babies and are relieved that at last a solution is at hand.
In the three years since launching Snugglebundl we have helped thousands of parents with moving their sleeping babies and you only have to visit our Facebook Page or have a look at the amazing reviews and comments here on our website to see that this simple idea of using handles on a wrap is so effective.
If you are discovering us for the first time and would like to try a Snugglebundl then we would like to offer you a 10% discount to give it a go. Simply use the code snuggle1 at our checkout to get your discount.