Well its now officially 2 years since we first switched on our website and showed the world our fantastic and unique idea for a baby wrap that lifts your baby.
Many of you may have only just come across us and others have followed us from early on. It’s been a long road this far and we thought we’d just share some of journey with you.
Many people contact us because they have come up with an idea for a new baby product and often it is because they have come up with a solution that fulfils their own need. This was the case for the Snugglebundl and it took a long time before we actually managed to create the perfect prototype that we were happy with.
We were very lucky that we won a business start-up competition with Barclays Bank. We have to say when we talk to others that without this it would have been very hard to get things moving as it all costs so much to get manufacturing and to try and promote your idea The hard thing also is that we are promoting a new concept in lifting your new born baby and we knew it would take time for the idea to catch on.
We started off with a panel of new mums who we asked to test the Snugglebundl and report how they liked it. It is always a good idea when doing this to not ask people you know as they will often try and be overly kind and what you need is genuine feedback with no punches held! Friends and relatives will always tell you what they think you want to hear but when you are about to invest a lot of time and money into a project you need to get some honest feedback even if it doesn’t go how you want. We knew we had it right when not only did our testers love using the Snugglebundl but they also didn’t want to give them up!
One of the things that has been so rewarding for us is the letters and emails that we get from parents who use the Snugglebundl. It makes us feel very proud that we have created something that people use and love so much and is so useful for helping you to look after baby. We don’t have a lot to spend on advertising but our name is growing largely from word of mouth and recommendations.
As part of our 2nd Anniversary celebration we are running a Facebook competition to win a Snugglebundl and £50 John Lewis voucher. So if you’d like to enter just click the link for details. http://9nl.eu/SnuggPhotoContest
Many thanks for all your support and kind words thus far.
From all the Snugglebundl team x