Why is the Snugglebundl such good value for money?2017-11-01T15:25:34+00:00

The Snugglebundl acts as a all-in-one.

Here are just a few examples of why the Snugglebundl is priceless:

ITEMS REPLACEDLower PriceNormal price
Baby Blanket/play mat£10£35
Breastfeeding cover£12£40
Car seat blanket£20£50
Savings with a Snugglebundl (£34.99)Save




However, the Snugglebundl is not just a product replacement. It does so much more and actually makes life a lot easier on a minute by minute basis. Indeed the only time you’ll complain about it is when it can’t be used such as when it’s being washed!

Being able to ensure your baby to gets that precious sleep it needs for its development
Being able to lift and lay them in a car seat asleep and not worry about car seat health issues
Being able to lift your baby and not hurt your back
Being able to sooth your baby with colic by rocking them and settling them back to sleep
Being able to support your baby’s head fully supported without worrying about their fragile neck. Passing your baby confidently
Recovering after any post birth symptoms , even after C-section
Being able to get more done, more rest and less stress due to not waking baby getting daily tasks done
Is the Snugglebundl crash tested?2017-06-09T14:37:22+00:00


The Snugglebundl has been crash tested in a 3 and 5 point car seat.

The Snugglebundl has been crash tested by to fit the European standard: ECER44

And by the US Standard: FMVSS213

Margaret Bolt is one of the UKs leading car seat safety experts. Here she is showing in the video how to properly adjust the Snugglebundl in both a 3 and 5 point car seat.

Watch HERE <—


Does the Snugglebundl give head support?2017-11-01T16:02:52+00:00

Yes, the Snugglebundl gives full and total head support. Just like a hammock it completely and safely supports the head, there is even padding which cradles just like your hand would do behind the head. As the material is lifted it pulls taught and immediately cradles and supports the head, just as you cannot push your head back on a hammock.

“I particularly like the head rest part of the Snugglebundl as when my daughter was newly born she felt more secure and would settle easier when she had something supporting her head”. Dr .Catherine Anne Scott

Snugglebundl head support







Here is a link showing how the hammock design starts to support the baby’s head as soon as it is lifted: Click here!


Can you use the Snugglebundl in both 3 and 5 point car seats?2017-06-09T12:10:48+00:00


The Snugglebundl can be used in both 3 point and 5 point car seats.

Our Snugglebundl has been used by both car seats by thousands across the world.

Check out our guide on how to use the Snugglebundl in both 3 and 5 point car seats here! <–

Can the Snugglebundl be washed and dried?2017-05-25T13:48:35+00:00

Wash and dry as normal at 40 degrees Celsius. The product has a brushed cotton inner which can bobble after washing. Simply iron afterwards to make it smooth again.

Also, best washed only with soft items, not jeans for an example.

Is it a carrier?2017-03-03T15:49:27+00:00

No the Snugglebundl is not a carrier. Snugglebundl is a wrap that has handles to help with lifting up ,laying down and moving your baby and for transferring them without waking them from one position to another eg. From car seat to pram. Whilst the Snugglebundl completely supports your baby we do not recommend that you use it as a carrier.The Snugglebundls primary use is as a wrap but with the added bonus having the the handles to help you through the day.

How does it help babies with reflux or colic?2017-03-03T15:49:03+00:00

Reflux can be brought on by sudden or jerky movement and this is greatly helped by the incredibly gentle way that you can lift and lay a baby. This also applies to colicky babies as they can be moved softly without waking and the blanket can be used in a rocking motion which colic babies find soothing.

Is it completely safe?2017-11-01T16:00:04+00:00

Yes, it has been safety tested to meet with European safety directives (Safety regulations 2005 SI No 1803)This includes testing for dynamic strength up to 30kg, chemical transference, fire resistance compliance and breath-ability.

More importantly it has been “road tested” on over 10,000 babies and have a lot of satisfied customers 🙂


When do you use it from?2017-03-03T15:48:20+00:00

We recommend that you use it from day one! Not only is it a great help for your post birth recovery using it straight away but it also lets baby get used to the blanket and of course attach their own smell and familiarity to it.

What age/weight does it go to?2017-12-14T13:57:01+00:00

This depends on each different feature.

1. Lift and lay asleep feature can be used for a long as you are strong enough to lift your baby into your arms. To continue using with an older/bigger child, simply fold the bottom panel under the legs. The legs will hang out over the end but the Snugglebundl still safely and easily operates as a hammock to move your child especially from the car seat.

The Snugglebundl has been officially tested and certified to hold up to 30kgs(66lbs) which is about the weight of a 5 year old child! However, we have consistent feedback from happy customers who continue to use their Snugglebundls up to the age of 18 months in order to lift and lay their little one out of the car seat undisturbed.

For your assurance it has been made using the strongest threads and materials and the handles are constructed with a double fabric loop system. This means the drawstring design ensures that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed across the blanket and that there are no weak points .

See video link for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoOzqwIczT4

2. Wrap feature is for a newborn (0 to 6 months depending on the initial size growth of the baby).

3. The Breastfeeding feature – like any other breastfeeding cover, however long you decide you need to use it.

4. Rock and soothe feature. Use right from the start because it helps to settle your baby, with colic. It can also be used to gently lift and lay your baby from your arms when they have reflux.

We hope this information was useful. If not please call the office with any more questions 01273 958703 or email us at: team@snugglebundl.co.uk

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