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How Do You Hold A Newborn’s Head?

A newborn baby's head is heavy and needs careful support. The most secure way to hold a baby is to gently put one hand behind the head. Use your other arm to scoop up the back of your baby through legs so your arm to support the back of the neck and rest of [...]

What Happens If A Newborn’s Head Falls Back?

If your baby falls back on a soft surface like a bed or cot mattress then this unlikely to be more than a superficial issue which causes discomfort. However, if your baby falls back on a hard surface this can range from a bruise, cut or even brain damage. Most doctors will advise that [...]

Is It Bad To Hold A Newborn All The Time?

Unlike other species a human baby is born without the muscular strength to walk or even support its own head. It is designed to be constantly held so the idea that a baby can be spoilt by being held too much is a modern myth. In turn your hips are the perfect seat and [...]

What Happens If You Don’t Support a Baby’s Head?

A loose flopping head can create twisting and over extension of neck muscles as well as twisting and jolting of the spine. It is highly advised that you always support your baby’s head. Not supporting the head is very scary for the baby and could lead to contact with hard surfaces during picking up [...]

When Can You Stop Supporting A Baby’s Head

All babies start to support their heads at different times but by one month your baby will be able to lift their chin but will still need support. After about 4 months your baby will be able to support it’s head when sat up. Neck muscles and head control should be strong and steady [...]

Why Is Supporting A Newborn’s Head Important?

Not supporting the head can result in injuries. A newborn baby has weak head and neck muscles and very little strength to move their head. If the head isn’t supported it will flop backward or forward and startle the baby, making it feel very insecure. Any sudden movement of the baby’s head can also activate [...]

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