Health Concerns About Leaving Babies In Car Seats Too Long

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Do Car Seats Cause SIDS?

Yes, but it's very rare. This has happened in car seats when babies have been left in cars seats for many, many hours. It is most risky for newborns as their neck muscles do not allow them to move their heads. When left asleep in a car seat with their chin on the chest [...]

Can Babies Suffocate In Car Seats?

This is possible if left in a car seat for too long. Newborns don't have strong enough neck muscles. As such their head can flop forward placing their chin on their chest. In doing so the trachea is slightly restricted so after a long period a baby can start to suffocate. This research has [...]

Can You Feed Your Baby In A Car Seat?

Yes. It’s easy to feed a baby in a car seat but you have to consider a few things: If bottle feeding do not use a prop to hold the bottle. This can cause chocking and you don’t want a heavy bottle floating around it’s head during an accident If feeding solids best to [...]

Can You Leave Your Baby Sleeping In A Car Seat?

Leaving a baby in a car seat for long periods is not recommended. Especially if your baby is a newborn. Car seats were invented to support and protect a baby in an accident, NOT for sleeping in. It is inevitable, with the motion of the vehicle, for a baby to fall asleep and as [...]

How Long Can You Leave A Baby In A Car Seat?

This depends on the age of the baby. The results of a recent study has directed doctors to advise that newborns should only be in a car seat for 20mins. Experts discovered that the combination of a baby’s chin on chest and weak neck muscles, restricted their airway and oxygen supply to the brain [...]

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