The choice of car seat changes by the year. It would be unfair to recommend a specific one and it may not suit your situation. The advice we can give is as follows:

  • Choose an infant car seat (up to 30lbs/13.6Kg)
  • Choose a seat with a base so it clicks in and out of a car
  • Best to ensure it has a ‘load leg’ (a leg that is attached to the base that goes to the floor and stops too much backward movement in a crash).
  • Choose a three point harness (over shoulders and through the legs). According to crash testing experts five point harnesses are no safer than three point harness (five point harnesses have loops for the arms and take longer to fit the baby in place). So the extra hassle and waking of the baby is not necessary. Buy a three point car seat.
  • Choose a light seat of 6lbs/3kg or below. You will be lifting the car seat in and out a lot
  • If possible, choose a car seat that goes into a seat and stays in place. This way you will not be so tempted to leave you baby in there for unhealthy long periods for fear of waking him/her. If you do choose a travel system, then have a Snugglebundl so you can lift them keeping them asleep.
  • Pediatricians advice that, if the car seat has a head holder for side impact, ensure it can be removed and not put back in for up to 2 months (when the baby can support its head). This is important because newborns cannot move their head and the chin sits on the chest restricting the airway a little. Their airway opens more with the head to one side.