This depends on each different feature.

1. Lift and lay asleep feature can be used for a long as you are strong enough to lift your baby into your arms. To continue using with an older/bigger child, simply fold the bottom panel under the legs. The legs will hang out over the end but the Snugglebundl still safely and easily operates as a hammock to move your child especially from the car seat.

The Snugglebundl has been officially tested and certified to hold up to 30kgs(66lbs) which is about the weight of a 5 year old child! However, we have consistent feedback from happy customers who continue to use their Snugglebundls up to the age of 18 months in order to lift and lay their little one out of the car seat undisturbed.

For your assurance it has been made using the strongest threads and materials and the handles are constructed with a double fabric loop system. This means the drawstring design ensures that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed across the blanket and that there are no weak points .

See video link for more details:

2. Wrap feature is for a newborn (0 to 6 months depending on the initial size growth of the baby).

3. The Breastfeeding feature – like any other breastfeeding cover, however long you decide you need to use it.

4. Rock and soothe feature. Use right from the start because it helps to settle your baby, with colic. It can also be used to gently lift and lay your baby from your arms when they have reflux.

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