How Can You Pick The Right Car Seat?

There are many articles online from Which magazine to expert advisors. The best thing is to do some research and go speak to a car seat provided who will give you an idea of what you want to suit your specific needs. The advice we can give is as follows: Choose an infant car [...]

Do All Baby Car Seats Have Isofix?

No. Car seats differ. Isofix is a strong metal fitting in a car that allows a base to be fitted without using the normal seat belt buckles. At the base of the rear seats is a strip than can be moved to reveal two metal loops that the base can clip onto. Some cars [...]

Do All Baby Car Seats Need A Base?

No. there are two types of car seats. One type is a travel systems which usually comes with a base. The other type do not fit onto prams or pushchairs. Travel systems are removed in and out of the car a lot to click into a pram frame so they have a base to [...]

Which Car Seat Is Best For A Newborn?

The choice of car seat changes by the year. It would be unfair to recommend a specific one and it may not suit your situation. The advice we can give is as follows: Choose an infant car seat (up to 30lbs/13.6Kg) Choose a seat with a base so it clicks in and out of [...]

Why Are Car Seats Crash Tests Only Up To 40mph?

All tests on products are only tested to that speed because 99.4% of injuries and deaths in road accidents occur within city limits. The crash test is done from 40mph to 0mph and the impact is one tenth of a second. This covers potential injuries for all other crashes that don’t stop so suddenly. [...]

How Long Should A Child Stay In A Rear Facing Car Seat?

All safety organizations advise that a child uses rear facing car seat for four years. Parents have some discretion regarding this but in some countries there are laws decreeing babies stay rear facing. Some countries have laws to enforce parents to keep infants rear facing.

Do Police Stations Check Car Seats?

If you turn up to a Police station they may be too busy to check your car. Talk to them first and ask when is convenient. If they are not too busy they may check it over for you. The fire department may be a better choice. When travelling if a police officer inspect [...]

Why Does My Child Seat Have To Be A Rear Facing Seat?

A child in a rear facing car seat is 5 times more likely to avoid death or injury in a crash than a child facing forward. Some countries have laws to ensure a baby or child is rear facing. Usually this is a minimum of up to two years old. Most safety experts recommend [...]

How Do You Know If Your Car Seat Is Fitted Correctly?

Three out of four cars seats are incorrectly installed. Each car seat design is fitted according to its own instructions. Make sure you check the instructions thoroughly. It is important to get the car seat checked over by and expert or fitted at the place of purchase. Also look online for your specific car [...]

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