We are always delighted when we hear from parents who have discovered the Snugglebundl for the first time. We have just read a lovely blog called “bunintheovenbirthing”  and in it we have been included in the top 5 best baby products at this years Baby Show at London’s Excel Centre. You can read the full review by going to https://bunintheovenbirthing.com./

It’s that time of year again when all the baby shows start happening. It’s a very busy time for the Snugglebundl team as we go from one baby show to the next, but we are always really inspired when we get to talk to so many parents face to face. Now that we are in our sixth year of trading we are finding that lots of people are seeking us out amongst the stands because they have been recommended to buy a Snugglebundl by friends and relatives. We have gone from being the new product that no one had heard of to the must have baby essential for parents.

With so many baby products on the market it can be incredibly daunting for parents to choose the right ones for them. When we meet new parents-to-be at our stand we like to give a demonstration of all the things a Snugglebundl can do. Many people are stunned that such a simple idea can do so much. What is lovely for us though is all the previous customers who pop by and tell us how much they’d loved using the Snugglebundl with their babies.

One of the main benefits is that you can lift and move your baby as they sleep without waking them. When we demonstrate how easy it is to lift a baby as they sleep fropm a car seat people are amazed. The fact that you can then use it to rock your baby, or as a feeding cover or as a lovely snuggly wrap or a soft play mat is just a bonus.

We hope that you’ll come and visit our stands at one of the many baby shows we’ll be at this year and as always we’d love to hear your stories of using the Snugglebundl.