A Grandparents Review Of Snugglebundl

So many grandparents help out with looking after of the grandchildren to give mums a break to rest and relax. We have found that lots of grandparents are buying the Snugglebundl to help them with the lifting, laying and moving of the grandchildren especially if they suffer from any back or mobility problems, but [...]

A Midwife’s Review Of Snugglebundl

We have had amazing feedback from so many midwives about what they think about the Snugglebundl baby lifting and wrap blanket. We spoke to Karen Tribe, a registered midwife with over 20 years’ experience about what she thought about it. She explains how most women experience some discomfort after the birth and how mobility [...]

What Mum Thinks Of The Snugglebundl

We spoke to a new mum about her experience with the Snugglebundl lifting blanket wrap. We have had so many mums write to us about how much they and their babies have enjoyed using this simple idea and how easy they found it to use. The main benefits for any new parent using the [...]

Why Chiropractors think the Snugglebundl is so good for parents!

We talked to leading Chiropractor Dr Micheal Cassidy-Hogg BSc(Hons) Chiro DC about the Snugglebundl lifting wrap blanket. He told us that he sees a lot of pregnant women and new mums who suffer from back pain largely due to the increased level of hormones and the excessive bending and stooping associated with having a [...]

The Snugglebundl Baby Lifting Blanket

The Snugglebundl lifting wrap is quite simply a very clever new concept to help you with your baby throughout the day and night. Primarily it is a nice snug hooded wrap that you can let your baby wear all day, having it open when they are awake and playing or folding over them and securing [...]

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