How to Recover From a C-Section: The Dos and Don’ts After a Caesarean

A c-section (caesarean) is an alternative way of delivering a baby as opposed to the more common vaginal delivery (natural birth). A caesarean section is more invasive when compared to a natural birth as it is a surgical procedure which requires anaesthetic.   Having a c-section can have a big physical impact on a mother so it is important that you are fully [...]

I am Pregnant! What now?!

Seeing the pregnancy test come up as positive is a moment we see repeatedly in films and television. It is always a dramatic moment, which propels the plot along and forces the main character into action. It rarely shows how you might in fact feel frozen in the headlights or completely at a loss [...]

Back pain in pregnancy

Back pain after pregnancy can be greatly helped by using the ingenious baby lifting blanket from Snugglebundl to lift, lay and move your baby. Find out how.

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