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Disabilities and Pregnancy

All future parents need to prepare for a new baby on the way. It’s an exciting time where you decorate the nursery and buy things like bottles, blankets, diapers and cribs. But if you have a disability, you may need more preparation in order to ensure that you’re ready for your little bundle of [...]

new born car seat advice

Practical new born car seat advice. For expectant mums the plethora of car seats competing for their attention can be overwhelming.  Without the experience of having been there and done that, and without sufficient awareness bad habits for you and your baby concerning car seats usage is soon to follow. This article sets out [...]

Diastasis Recti

About two-thirds of pregnant woman get Diastasis recti.  This is muscle separation in the stomach during pregnancy. The growth of the stomach pushes the muscle columns apart. It is important to note that the stats mentioned above may well include those with slight muscle separation as opposed to a large more serious separation. This [...]

C section recovery

A compilation of top tips on planning for and coping looking after baby after C-section and why the Snugglebundl lifting aid can really help faster healing.

Mum’s, babes and swimming!

The benefits of exercising throughout pregnancy are numerous. Research has suggested that gentle exercise helps your body to prepare for and recover from childbirth as well as helping to reduce nausea, insomnia, heartburn and aches.Teaching babies to swim turns out to be more than just fun. Baby swimmers have better balance and are also better [...]

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