I am Pregnant! What now?!

Seeing the pregnancy test come up as positive is a moment we see repeatedly in films and television. It is always a dramatic moment, which propels the plot along and forces the main character into action. It rarely shows how you might in fact feel frozen in the headlights or completely at a loss at [...]


Expert Advice On The Best Baby Car Seats

One of the UKs leading car seat experts, Margaret Bolt from Rear Facing Toddlers reviews her top four car seats and tells you why they are her choices. Choosing a car seat for you newborn baby can be both stressful and complicated. Safety is the number one concern followed by comfort and ease of [...]


Saftey Laws And Car Seats: Most Frequently Asked Questions About I Size And Car Seats In General

What is Isofix? Isofix points are two little metal brackets located at the base of the vehicle seat's backrest in at least two seating positions in all cars made in the last ten years or so. Isofix makes installing a car seat quick and easy as you simply click it into the car without using [...]


Safety when fitting a baby car seat

A car seat is designed to work in a certain way and it's very important to follow the instruction manual to the letter, and not to do anything different to how it is described. During crash testing it is installed in the way that is was designed to be used, and installing it in [...]


Health Concerns About Leaving Babies In Car Seats Too Long

We have been using car seats to keep our babies safe for at least 15 years. However, babies wake when you fit them in and take them out again.  Because of this sleep deprived parents often end up carrying their car seats rather than waking their little ones. Then, of course, there is the dilemma [...]


5 Tips To Getting A Good Night’s Sleep When Pregnant

Learning to sleep with a child tucked up close is a skill every parent has to develop. You have years ahead of cuddling little kicking bundles of joy so make some small changes to get ahead on your sleep. Some women report discomfort or struggling to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Often it [...]


Diastasis Recti

About two-thirds of pregnant woman get Diastasis recti.  This is muscle separation in the stomach during pregnancy. The growth of the stomach pushes the muscle columns apart. It is important to note that the stats mentioned above may well include those with slight muscle separation as opposed to a large more serious separation. This [...]


5 Tips for Helping Baby Sleep

Routine, Routine, Routine It’s never too early to establish good habits and most babies will be responsive to a routine from around six weeks ‘The routine should just be a sequence of events that you do one after the other, which are a simple cueing system. But you don’t have to use the standard cues. For instance, [...]