How to use the Snugglebundl

//How to use the Snugglebundl
How to use the Snugglebundl 2017-08-31T10:27:29+00:00

Lifting your baby in the Snugglebundl


If your baby is heavy and the Snugglebundl looks curved there is no need to be concerned. The curvature is no greater than a sling.

Wrapping your baby all snug and cosy

“The Snugglebundl is fully safety tested for breathability”

There are plenty of other uses you can get from the Snugglebundl

Easy to lift

Great for bad backs and post birth recovery

Lift and lay asleep

Lift and lay your baby in and out of car seats undisturbed!

Play mat

Great as a play mat and easy nappy change

Fits push chairs

Your baby will never need to leave the Snugglebundl

Lots of fun!

Rock and soothe to sleep or just for fun

Wrap up cosy

Your baby will be super snug and protected from the elements

Easy discreet breastfeeding

No need to feel embarrassed if you need to feed your baby in public

Something to remember

The snugglebundl is wonderful for moving your baby without waking them but please use it as much as you can because it's great for your back and your child will love the motion of being lifted and laid in it.