Snugglebundl baby wrap and lift blankets have been on the market for nearly 2 years now and have gained a reputation as an ingenious baby Snugglebundl​product amongst the other baby safe inventions available on the market. Some are calling it a baby gadget as it serves so many useful and practical purposes. The Snugglebundl has proved itself to be a must have baby product for new parents and has been gathering awards and recognition as they go. The main baby solutions that this clever baby idea solves it that it enables you to simply lift your baby by using the strong handles on the blanket. The clever design picks up baby in exactly the same way you would pick them up using your hands, supporting the head, neck and body and acting like a baby hammock. By lifting them in this way there is no need to bend over or stoop down to lift or lay your baby. They have just been nominated for ‘Best Sleeptime Brand’ in the prestigious Nursery Industry awards as the gentle way that the Snugglebundl works allows parents to move their baby in the blanket without waking them. As well as all this it also ties to make a cosy wrap and can be used as a discreet breastfeeding cover.

So it is no wonder that the Snugglebundl is rapidly gaining a great reputation as a ‘must have’ product for parents. As the inventors of the Snugglebundl we are delighted with the amazing feedback that we receive from parents telling us how much it has helped them.”